About Us

We are Darold and Kara Enright and, along with our son Corben and recent addition Evelyn, we own and operate the Enright Cattle Company, a 95-acre farm near Tweed, Ontario. We are both fourth-generation farmers -- and young Corben and Evelyn are now the fifth.

We raise purebred black and red Simmental cattle. We breed them, and all our calves are born on the farm where we raise them on a grass diet until they are large enough to be weaned. Then we move them a few kilometres down the road, to Langevin Farms, which is owned and operated by Kara’s parents, Don and Chris Langevin. They have been farming in Tweed for over 30 years. Our cattle stay here until they are fully grown. Between the two farms, we plant, grow and harvest all of the crops we need to feed our cattle. We use no artificial hormones.

Thanks to our unique barcode system, we can trace every cut of meat we produce. This helps us to farm more efficiently and lets us use customer feedback to constantly improve our practices.


For us, farming really is a family effort. Darold’s parents, Harold and Rosemary, had a farm near Read,Ontario, and although Harold is now retired from full-time farming, he and his team of horses are valuable members of the Enright Cattle Company team. We often call on them for special events. Kara’s brother Joseph and sister Aimee, along with their spouses Michelle and Dan, also pitch when times get busy.

We feel a strong commitment to our customers and our community. We are also strongly committed to the preservation of rural life and the improvement of agriculture. A past director of the Canadian and the Ontario Simmental Association, Kara currently serves as a director of the Hastings County Cattlemen’s Association.