A day on the Farm

If you’ve followed along with my blog, you’ll know that I am not a country girl. I don’t know much about farms, cattle, pasture, etc. But I learned a thing or two this Sunday when I visited Enright Cattle’s farm in Tweed.

If you’re not familiar with Enright Cattle Company, they pride themselves on being environmentally-friendly and maintaining animal welfare practices while being conscious of sustainability. Owned by Kara and Darold Enright, they provide lots of product to our local businesses here in Kingston. Many of my favourite local restaurants cook with beef from Enright — Olivea, Pan Chancho, Chez Piggy, Tango Nuevo, Le Chien Noir, Harpers (just to name a few!).

So when I am given the opportunity to visit this family-run business, I am excited to get the behind the scenes perspective and share it with you guys.

I am greeted by a very cheerful little girl, the farmers’ daughter, Evelyn. “How are you?” I say, “I’m fine!” she replies with a big smile before yelling something to her grandma in the distance who is approaching on a four wheeler.

Running Enright is truly a family affair with both sets of grandparents pitching in to help with tours and the grandchildren. Everyone has a role in helping things run smoothly, even little Evelyn who feeds the barn cats. Their son older son Corben is quick to assist whenever a task is handed to him.

It is so admirable to see a family work together and work hard. They are clearly passionate about what they do. As co-owner Darold explains the calving process to a group on the tour, he casually says in passing that this isn’t his day job. “I am a carpenter! I get up early before work, come out here after dinner and after we put the kids to bed.” And it’s this kind of love for farming that allows this family to produce such a high standard product for us to enjoy. I am comforted to know each cut of meat can be traced to the animal it came from due to their meticulous tracking system.

The Enright family ensures that the cattle are fed a balanced diet with the help of their crops and nutritionist Dave Murray. The animals are eating an all-vegetable diet with no artificial hormones and practice rotational grazing. This not only increases the efficiency of the animals nutrition but the sustainability of the pasture as well.

In an effort to use as much of the animal as possible, Enright has opened up their business to include leather products. The leather is tanned right here in Ontario and the bags are handcrafted by Canadian Artisan James M. Brooks. These bags are so soft and fashion forward. Enright owner Kara says she has a say in the design and provides feedback before seeing the end product. They also make beautiful leather aprons!

There are so many documentaries about farming and food culture. We are learning that food awareness is more crucial than ever. So it makes me so appreciative to know how accessible and transparent the Enright family is. If you want your own visit to the farm it’s as easy as contacting them and arranging a time!

Article by Tianna Edwards