Farm to Fashion Event

This week – on a whim – I was introduced to the Fête event space downtown Kingston in the Smith Robinson Building and to Enright Cattle Company’s leather handbags. I feel that both are worth telling you about!

First, I’ve been swooning over Fête’s space for a very long time (if you read my favourite Instagrammers post you might have caught on to my obsession!). So when I am invited to see the space outside of my phone and in person, I jump at the opportunity. My first impression does not disappoint. Even at night without the sunlight bursting through the abundance of windows – it is beautiful. It is simple, allowing the stunning characteristics of the Smith Robinson building to shine, but has charm in its details — cross-back chairs, the electric “fête” sign, the brown leather loungers and beautiful bouquets of flowers. I can’t wait visit again! I would get married (again) in this space in a second.

Second, Tweed’s Enright Cattle Company used Fête’s space to showcase their leather handbags with a Farm to Fashion show. This is my first time hearing about Enright, even though they supply meat to local restaurants (Olivea is one!). They pride themselves on being environmentally-friendly and maintaining animal welfare practices while being conscious of sustainability. Their concept to use as much of the cow as possible by also creating leather goods is awesome. The leather is tanned right here in Ontario and the bags are designed by Canadian Artisan James M. Brooks. These bags are so soft! And very good looking. Read more about them, here.

There you have it, my most random post by far! However, I learned two new things about Kingston last night and who would I be if I didn’t share the details?

Article by Tianna Edwards