Calving Season Begins!

Our calving season has officially began with the arrival of 6 new calves so far this week and one cow that may be calving as I type this! Two of them arrived about 10 days early but they are both good and healthy! 
We had a huge dump of snow last Thursday and then again on Sunday night leaving us snow plowing, digging out gates and doors, etc a lot lately!  
Our neighbor brought over his 4 wheeler and blade to plow the rink so then we just had to shovel the snow over the side which was nice. When he came over to do that I casually mentioned to Darold that I thought he would have brought his son to help shovel ( his son is in grade 7 and comes over to skate all the time with Corben) of coarse we had Corben out helping as normal. Corben proceeded to tell our neighbor that mommy and daddy wondered why he didn't bring his son to help! Lol  
Till next week,