Farmer's Meat, Eggs and Vegetable Box

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The Farmer's Selection Box of hand picked beef, eggs and vegetables by Enright Cattle Company, Drain Poultry Farm, Patchwork Gardens, Palmateer Farms Maple Sugar Bush, Wilson's organic blueberries and Kendall Hills Farm. The box contains one package of romaine lettuce, one package of leaf lettuce heads, a bunch of white salad turnips, 1.3 lbs of beets, a bunch of scallions, a quart of blueberries, a dozen of sweet corn (veggies may vary depending on what is in season!)  500 ml of maple syrup, 1 dozen large white eggs, 1 package of dehydrated or fresh mushrooms, 5 lbs of ground beef, 1 lbs of stew, 2.5 lbs roast, 2 prime cut steaks and 2 marinating steaks.

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