Bayview Farm Restaurant

Bayview Farm in Collins Bay is Clark Day’s family homestead.  The original house was built in 1831 and subsequent additions happened right up until 1987.


The property has been a working farm with land stretching back to Westbrook Road, which at one time also housed a small ice cream business where Maple Walnut Ice Cream was born; a tourist home called Loyalist Lodge including a dance pavilion on the water; Clark’s previous restaurant Clark’s by the Bay; and later a hobby farm with pigs, chickens and gardens. Currently we are growing some of the fresh veggies being served in the new restaurant.

Throughout all of this it has also been maintained as a family home to whichever current generation of the family is lucky enough to reside there..

Bayview Farm Restaurant focuses on supporting local farmers. They are the perfect place for an amazing dinner with great ambience and service.